I am a Northern California nature artist who escaped the Silicon Valley tech industry to follow my lifelong passion for creating art. I love to explore nature and to create artwork based on what I sees along the trail.

I like to portray the elements of nature that inspire me — whether they are animal, vegetable, or mineral — but what I am especially drawn to is painting wildlife. I find it so exciting when I see wildlife, both large and small, whether the animal is living in the wild or has adapted to life among humans. I want to share my sense of awe through my artwork.

In painting my impressions of wildlife, I like to depict how they negotiate the harsh realities of life, whether it is a solitary individual trying to eke out a living from its environment, an interaction between individuals, or the intersection between the wild animal and urban life.

While art is for humans and generally depicts some aspect of the human condition, I like to remember that life on this Earth is not all about us. I want to communicate that we are not alone in this world and that other species call this beautiful planet home.

All images © K. Kleinsteiber